Exhibition · 16. May 2018
It was the busiest show since we take part in High-End Munich. We had beautiful acoustic absorbers and diffusers from Acoustic Manufacture from Poland and Reinhard surprised us again with his new sexy-slimy-speakers. Carsten's "Silencer" was attracting the whole time audience into our sound cabin where Rainer's "Millennium Falcon" glowed in readiness. But what's the use of all if they are not connected? Thank goodness we had the Luna brothers! Even though we had a few minor problems but even...
Exhibition · 15. November 2017
Fri.17.Nov to Sun.19.Nov.2017 at Hotel Radisson Blu Sobieski - Plac Artura Zawiszy 1 - in Warszawa in Poland

Exhibition · 23. August 2017
18. Aug. 2017 Francesca Lee
Exhibition · 24. May 2017

Exhibition · 10. May 2016
Tedeska, Thöress, Jäger, Sperling, Paralyse, Lunacables, David
Exhibition · 18. May 2015
The first public appearance

Exhibition · 02. November 2014