In & Out of warranty


1. custom-made service

We offer individual customizing and adaptation of the product according to your requirements. Please inform us of your needs or desires with an informal E-mail or using our CM inquiry form.

This service is in connection with a new order free of charge.

2. maintenance Service

We highly recommend our customers to avail themselves of our one-year maintenance service. During this period, your system geometry will be checked and adjusted as often as desired. 

In addition, various factors can be diagnosed by the process that will certainly contribute to your long time undisturbed enjoyment from our product. Please refer to the Scheduled maintenance service covered by warranty in our warranty terms.

3. Upgrade & Exchange service

All TEDESKA products, even after the warranty period, will be repaired or upgraded, regardless of its age or condition. With the  upgrade service, all new improvements available for the same model will be implemented, while the exchange service will be offered in case another type of cartridge is desired. For further information about our upgrade & exchange service, please refer to the Out-of-warranty repair & Exchange/Upgrade service

4. Repair Service

In case the original manufacture of the cartridge concerned is still in existence, we advise you to explore the opportunity for the cartridge to be repaired directly in this company. We expressly recommend all customers taking this step because each manufacture is a master of managing its own materials and technics. Every detail change on the microcosms in a system, could result in a big modification of the soundscapes of the cartridge. If you are searching in vain for a competent service for an historical specimen, please send us a repair inquiry