TEDESKA on High-End in Munich 2018

10-13. May. 2018 - High-End in Munich

It was the busiest show since we take part in High-End Munich. We had beautiful acoustic absorbers and diffusers from Acoustic Manufacture from Poland and Reinhard surprised us again with his new sexy-slimy-speakers. Carsten's "Silencer" was attracting the whole time audience into our sound cabin where Rainer's "Millennium Falcon" glowed in readiness. But what's the use of all if they are not connected? Thank goodness we had the Luna brothers! Even though we had a few minor problems but even those we could take out soon. A special thanks to David who has accompanied me at every step and turn to help me to communicate in English. We can notice that TEDESKA gets slowly started to receive the recognition from the market. What else can make us happier than that? Thank you all for sharing this experience with me. 

Photogenic-Award-2018 the winner is :

"So What?" - Photographer : David Funke  

glimpse behind the scenes :

 The general rehearsal took place on 21. April. 2018 in Berlin under the direction of Annina the Queen Cat