Direct-Coupled Headshell with integreted high precision lead wires


TEDESKA Amalfi is specially designed for TEDESKA half inch system. Each of the headshell is equipped with a full set of original GUTS-C or GUTS-S, in accordance with the generator type of the half inch system that combined with.

Aiming of offering the benefits of our dose systems to the half-inch users, the Amailfi is designed with regard to the uniformity and stability of TEDESKA L & K models. 

To enable an uninterrupted electrical circuit and optimise the current flow, from the terminals on cartridge side to the end of the contact pins on tonearm side are connected in one go, avoiding unnecessary joints. In line with our fundamental principle of cartridge manufacturing, also the Amalfi is manufactured by hand using the same material for cartridge making.

The distance between the tonearm mount and the diamond tip is infinitely variable-4mm B&F from the center.

The same wood connection as dose models, optionally available with pure silver or pure copper contact pins.

The integreted lead wires extend to the edge of the tonarm contact pins, reducing 4 superfluous resistance spots.

Variable weight-The standard wood slide part is Interchangeable with AL slide part for more own weight.



Length: 51 mm ± 0,5mm

Width: 19.5 mm ± 0,5mm

Heights: 19 mm ± 0,5mm

Slide length: 8mm

Adjustable distance: 51 ± 4mm

Cartridge side terminal: Ø 1,25 ± 0,02mm

Terminal Isolation:  Approx. 8mm length

Ø 3 ± 0,1mm


Headshell with Lead wires: Approx.10 g

  • with slide A - wood : 11g ± 0,5g
  • with slide B - Aluminium : 12g ± 0,5g

Material Composition

Body: Hard wood, Brass

Conductor: pure copper or pure silver

Contact pins: pure copper ot pure silver

Wire Isolation: fabric or highflex dielectric sp. tubing

Terminal Isolations: acrylic resin coated fiberglass insulating sleeve

Color-code: silicon dioxide

important !

Only the original screws (M2.5) should be used for mounting cartridge. 

For more information about the GUTS series, please refer to the product page.

Directly coupled

From the point A to the point B is connected with one continuous line.

Example : A combinaion of TEDESKA Torres and TEDESKA Amalif with GUTS-S  

In this combination will be kept uniform material for all inductors and contact pins.

A total of 8 joints.



  • Please make sure that the diameters of the contact pins on your cartridge side as well as those on the tonearm side meet the standard. The precisely manufactured crimps of the both variations of GUTS hardly allow for any flexibility.
  • The wires of GUTS-Copper are quite rigid. Please make two 90° bends per wire before you install them.
  • The conductor of GUTS-S is pure silver wires. As we know about the natural characteristics of the pure silver material, the thin wires are also very impact sensitive. They should be treated with the utmost care. Please use only the end parts/isolated terminals on the wires every time it must be picked up or installed/deinstalled.
  • This Offer is subject to the same warranty service condition as that of cartridges.