High-End Munich 2019

TEDESKA Workshop presented itself

Under the heading on which many people missed out,

it was the first exhibition where our workshop was unveiled to the public. Even though this is just a pictorial representation, the overall appearance nevertheless represents the places, where TEDESKA cartridges are born, quite well. The whole display was arranged by my wife. After she had roughly finished her arrangement, she asked us, me and my sons, our opinion. At that time, we all yelled immediately "Oh NO!" Because somewhat it wasn't suitable for an exhibition. An exhibition was supposed to be bright and big! For that, it was too humble and small. My wife said to us "Okay, but don't exercise only critique! make proposals!" and she let the door of the showcase open. The showcase should be amended accordingly to our ideas. 2 months after, wenn we slowly had to pack our bags, she said, staring into the showcase which was never stirred anymore since then, to me "I am not too sure whether or not this is the right thing to do but I am sure that this is the truth. What more we can and must do? Let's go as we are" Fortunately, many people paid a compliment on our showcase which made my wife incredibly happy. Thank you very much!

Under the direction of Mr. Reinhard Thöress, it was even possible for visitors to compare the sound of our DST201ua from solid-core line with the new stereo half-inch model (which had not been named yet) by listening twice for the same record one after another. It was very interesting not only for visitors but also for us because we can collect numerous valuable feedbacks on each model. Thanks to the unexpectedly large number of compliments, now the no name half-inch got the name "DST201uc" and it has been included in the product range.

Stereo special - TEDESKA "Lacote"