Cartridges of Utmost Refinement for the Advanced Vinyl Connoisseur


Our ambition doesn't focus solely on achieving analytical perfection of every sound result. Aiming to give the whole passion and the empathy on the stage back, we also attach great importance to the tonal balance.


Every Tedeska system is custom-made.

Under the microscope at a small workshop in Berlin Germany, every single system is made from tip to toe by hand with the finest precision.

The natural materials used and the design of the cartridge are supposed to remind us of musical instruments.


Especially for the "TEDESKA eye", a traditional lutherie technique is used which has been applied to the frog part of a violin bow. As a violinist who has to place his right thumb on the frog before he starts playing, so should everyone who holds a TEDESKA system in his hands, feel like an instrumentalist who is about to unveil his “wonder–full“ soundscapes.