Reviews · 13. May 2019
The most relaxing interview in my life resulted in the most charming story about my person. The interview on 10th May in Munich with Ms. Mana Chikui from Ongen publishing has now been released in PHILE WEB online <HIGH-END> fair reporting. We cordially thank Ms. Chikui for this loving article.
Reviews · 18. April 2019
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Reviews · 16. March 2019
World's leading audio magazine Stereophile USA recommended TEDESKA Stereo half-inch system DST201ua from Solid-Core Line.
Reviews · 11. December 2018
Following our first but very short appearance in Analog planet last year, Mr. Fremer has written a review on our stereo half-inch system DST201ua in Stereophile. This model is a result of series of miscarriages that made use of long long time to turn out to be an blessing in disguise. In this context, we sincerely appreciate the interest and the patience as well as the valuable opinion that Mr. Fremer showed us. STEREOPHILE Publisher: AVTech Media Language: English ASIN: B006L8L94G Release...

Reviews · 22. October 2018
A special report released in Japanese on a professional analog magazine ANALOG vol.61. written by Mr. Yoshio Obara with beautiful photos by 田代法生 アナログ(Analog) Publisher: 音元出版 ( Language: Japanese ASIN: B07G1THVMH Release Date: September 15, 2018 Publisher Homepage Image from : AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping
Reviews · 22. August 2018
A review under the tile <TEDESKA/音楽家の感性が生み出すドイツ・現代カートリッジ > written by Mr. 井上千岳 released in Audio Accessory Japan. Audio Accessory Publisher: 音元出版 Language: Japanese ASIN: B07F7V1WM9 Release Date: August 21, 2018 Publisher homepage Image from : AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping

Reviews · 30. July 2018
TEDESKA was introduced on a leading professional Japanese Audio magazine 管球王国. 管球王国 Magazine : 194 page Publisher : Stereo Sound Language : Japanese ISBN-10 : 4880734209 ISBN-13 : 978-4880734200 Released: 2018/7/26 STEREO SOUND online Home Image from: AmazonGlobal International Priority Shipping
Reviews · 25. May 2018
A beautiful photo of our new showcase is carried in HIFISTATEMENT Netmagazine. Article written in German by Peter Bahnholzer. Read : MESSERUNDGANG MIT PETER BANHOLZER – TEIL 2 Home: HIFISTATEMENT Netmagazine TEDESTA says thank you very much for this decorative image and commentary.

Reviews · 20. April 2018
TEDESKA was introduced once more in English on STEREO-MAGAZINE #15 2018 P45/46 Witten by Matthias Böde Read now/ Download STEREO publishing STEREO REINER H. NITSCHKE Verlags-GmbH Eifelring 28, 53879 Euskirchen Home: Stereo epaper: Subscription
Reviews · 21. January 2018
Written by Michael Lang STEREO REINER H. NITSCHKE Verlags-GmbH Eifelring 28, 53879 Euskirchen Home: Stereo epaper: Subscription

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