TEDESKA Phono Cartridges Warranty

As of 03/2018  - All information herein is subject to change without notice 


We assume that our own laboratory is the best place for all TEDESKAs to be overhauled because each of our products is unique and requires tailored solutions. Therefore, all of TEDESKA cartridges are eligible for repair or upgrade, regardless of age or condition. 


In-Warranty Service: Each of the new TEDESKA cartridges comes with a limited 12 months international warranty on all factory materials and workmanship for the original purchaser (acc. to dealer’s invoice/ delivery note). However this warranty does not cover up: 

1. Any damages caused by misuse or improper handling. 

2. Defects of ordinary wear and tear or fatigue. 

3. Unauthorized disassembly or modifications whatsoever of the cartridge. 


This warranty means that we will repair or replace the pieces at our discretion. The warranty definitively ends within a maximum of 2 years after ex works availability. Distributors are prohibited from accepting warranty services for cartridges that have been purchased from another country and/or sales area. 

In order to claim the warranty service, the customer/distributor must communicate in writing before the product is sent back to us. The parcel must be shipped to us to Berlin Germany with a tracking number as TEDESKA cannot be responsible for any package lost in transit. Any costs incurred, including transport and customs fees, will be borne by the customer. 


Out-of-warranty repair service: Should the repair be out of warranty, the customer shall be notified of the viability and the cost of the said repair. TEDESKA offers a wide range of repair, retipping, alteration and maintenance services. The service charge is calculated individually depending on the actually incurred costs and the expenditure of work. The manual effort required for the assessment of defects i.e. cost estimate shall not be paid for, if no repair order is placed.

Exchange/Upgrade service: It is also available for TEDESKA cartridge owners, on presentation of the original invoice, to exchange/upgrade a cartridge for any new model currently in production. After examining the related/overall conditions and all the possibilities, we then calculate the best cost/benefit analysis and suggest solutions that are in line with the customer's query. The charge of a service order from our Out-of-warranty repair or Exchange/Upgrade service does not exceed 40% of actual retail prices of the same/new product. 



-TEDESKA Vinyl Groove Pick-up Technology- 


The list will be updated soon. Until then, please contact us directly for further information.