Stereo dose custom made

All of TEDESKA MONO doses are compatible with both

Diamond (A) 

AND Square (B)

tonarm connections.

If you need a STEREO dose for your favorite tonearm, please just let me know the type of tonearm you have. Below is an example of Stereo B-Type

Here is an another example for Stereo A-Type for broadcast tonearm. Compatible with RF297 RMA297 of Ortofon, EMT997 EMT929, Neumann ZA etc.

RETIP Historic system

We are fundamentally of the opinion that a cartridge is best repaired by its original manufacture. However you have historic cartridges to be repaired or customized, we will be pleased to provide you with an individual advise.

Please contact us directly (Contact

Totalled system restoration

custom made cartridge case

We are making resilient handmade cartridge cases & headshells for your system.

About materials please refer to our FAQ-Materials-Q1 or take a glance at my workshop.

For more information, please contact us (Contact)


TEDESKA cartridgecase for lifetime use